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Problem: Older versions of Merge don't work with tables in PowerPoint 2007


We found a way around this problem. As of the 5 April 2009 release, Merge now merges data into text in tables.

Download the latest version here.
Download and run the installer to update your existing copy.

If you can't install the latest version of Merge ...

The following applies only to PowerPoint 2007. Earlier versions of PowerPoint do not have this problem.

A bug in PowerPoint 2007 (all releases/service packs), prevents Merge from "seeing" merge fields in table cells.

There are two workarounds.

Ungroup the table

Ungrouping the table converts it into normal PowerPoint shapes that Merge can work with.

To ungroup a table in PowerPoint 2007:

You may find that pasting as EMF and ungrouping doesn't preserve all the formatting of your original chart. In that case, use the following method instead.

Use regular text boxes for the merge fields

For each merge field you originally had in the table:

Now, since the merge fields are in regular text boxes instead of table cells, Merge will be able to find them and merge your data into them.

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