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Sample Conversions

To illustrate the flexibility of PPT2HTML, we've converted a single PowerPoint presentation to several very different HTML-based presentations by using different templates. Every one of these conversions is straight out of PPT2HTML and direct to the web. We haven't edited a single byte of the HTML.

The image sizes are set a bit large, so you may want to make your browser window fairly big. For your own conversions, PPT2HTML lets you specify image size in several ways, of course.

PPT2HTML includes the templates we used to create these demo conversions. You can use them as-is, edit them to suit your own needs or toss them out and create your own from scratch using nearly any HTML or plain text editor.

These samples only touch on a few of the things you can do with PPT2HTML. It'd take dozens of different demos to show you all of its capabilities.

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