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Buy ShapeStyles! Where and how much?

Thank you! We're delighted that you value ShapeStyles as a useful addition to your PowerPoint toolkit.

Before you purchase ShapeStyles, PLEASE:

PLEASE TRY before you BUY

Buy it

You can visit our secure online purchasing page directly from within PowerPoint. Click the Help (?-button) icon on the ShapeStyles toolbar then click Purchase ShapeStyles.

You can also click here to to visit the purchase page now.

ShapeStyles costs US$99.95. You can choose other currencies when you place your order online. Quantity discounts are available. See below for more information.

A company called Share-It handles our online sales via their secure web site. Share-It is a subsidiary of Element5 and Digital River. When you pay by credit card or PayPal, the charge will appear with one of those names rather than PPTools or ShapeStyles. ShareIt accepts major credit cards and also PayPal, checks, wire transfers or purchase orders.

When the transaction is complete, you'll receive an email containing a registration "key" (a user name and a registration number) for ShapeStyles. Usually this only takes a few minutes but may take as long as 12 hours; please be patient.

NOTE: ShareIt will not accept credit card orders from customers who use free email accounts (or, unfortunately, paid accounts that have the same domain name -- e.g. -- as free email accounts). If you have this type of account, please contact us directly at the email link below; we'll be happy to handle the transaction ourselves.

Unlock it

You will not receive a disk, CD, DVD or other physical product, just an email containing your registration key which you'll use to "unlock" the ShapeStyles demo. Online purchasing is the quickest, simplest way to receive ShapeStyles but if you must receive a physical product or cannot make online purchases, use the Contact link on your left to get in touch with us and explain the situation. We'll work with you.

Here's how to use the registration key to unlock the demo:

the PPTools ShapeStyles Help dialog box
the PPTools ShapeStyles registration dialog box

In Case You Need Help ...

If you need help installing, testing or purchasing ShapeStyles, please use the Contact link on your left to get in touch with us.

Volume / Multiple User Licensing

Multi-user licenses are available at very attractive per-user prices. To learn more, see the ShapeStyles order form at Share-It where you'll find a link that lists multi-user pricing. You can simply close the browser window if you don't want to place an order right away.

share-it order form with link to volume pricing page highlighted

Please Note

Your online purchase will be handled by Share-It. The transaction will appear on your credit card statement as a charge from Digital River, or ShareIt!, Koeln

If you see a charge from one of those names on your credit card statement, it isn't necessarily for our software. Share-It represents thousands of different software vendors. If you need to know more about the charge please visit the Share-It Info Page.

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