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PPT2HTML -- Customized HTML from PowerPoint

If you answered "Yes" to any of these ...

You need PPT2HTML

With PPT2HTML, you can convert your PowerPoint presentations to web pages that look exactly the way you want them to.

PPT2HTML uses templates -- basically special HTML pages that we supply or you can create yourself -- to control the appearance of the HTML it creates from your PowerPoint presentations.

Templates act very much like merge documents in Word. You add special "placeholder" text where you want PPT2HTML to insert information or images extracted from your presentations.

This explains how PPT2HTML templates work

Learn more about PPT2HTML's placeholders


PPT2HTML was originally created as a way to make PowerPoint presentations more accessible. Learn more in the Making PowerPoint Accessible section of our PPT2HTML FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) List.

And if you have LOTS of PowerPoint to convert ...

If you have lots of PowerPoint files to convert to HTML or need to convert files for a large group of users and want a semi- or completely unattended solution, PPT2HTMLBatch is for you. You can learn more about PPT2HTMLBatch here.

Where to go next ...

For an inexpensive PowerPoint add-in, PPT2HTML is a powerful, deep product with a lot of features. It's easy to set up and use, but takes a bit of time to get the hang of, especially if you want to customize or create your own templates.

No problem. You can download a fully functional PPT2THML or PPT2HTMLBatch demo here and take as much time as you like testing it.

If you run into something you don't quite understand, don't be shy ... ask us. Click the "Contact Us" link on the left of the page. We'll be happy to help.