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PPTools Protect - Make your presentation uneditable

Protect your presentations from unwanted tampering and prevent unauthorized use of your presentation content.

PPTools Protect makes a copy of your original PowerPoint presentation and converts each original slide to a bitmap image of the slide.

It's almost impossible to change the content of a Protected presentation, and nobody can copy and paste the text and data since there is no text and data to be copied in a Protected show.

Do I really NEED Protect?

You could always manually export each slide in the presentation to a bitmap picture then re-import each picture into a new presentation and size it to fill the screen, but why go to all that effort?

Protect does all that for you automatically in a few seconds. Then it does more. Protect also lets you:

Animations? Links?

No. Because each slide is converted to a single bitmap, your animations and links will no longer function in the Protected version of the presentation. Your original presentation will remain unchanged, of course.

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