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PPTools LanguageSelector -- Language conversion help for PowerPoint

What is PPTools LanguageSelector?

PPTools LanguageSelector lets you set all of the text in your presentation or template to any of the dozens of languages that Windows supports.

That way, PowerPoint uses the correct dictionaries for that language when it spell-checks.

Couldn't you do it manually? Sure. Changing a few text boxes from one language to another is easy.

But changing every bit of text -- on slides, notes pages, slide masters, slide layouts, notes masters, handout masters -- throughout an entire presentation?

That's incredibly tedious, time-consuming and error-prone. It's not a nice thing to ask an intelligent human to do.

Let the LanguageSelector and the computer do it for you while you do something creative.

Who needs LanguageSelector?
What can LanguageSelector do for you?

What it isn't

LanguageSelector doesn't translate your text from one language into another.

There are already plenty of programs and web tools for that. Most of them are pretty bad. We don't think the world needs yet another way to turn your carefully crafted text into (sometimes howlingly funny) gibberish in another language.

LanguageSelector tells PowerPoint that every bit of text in your presentation should be set to the language of your choice so that when it does spell- and grammar-checks, it uses the correct dictionaries for that language.

Learn more about PPTools LanguageSelector. Try it out for free.