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What does Merge do for me?

PPTMerge is a powerful tool that merges a PowerPoint template slide or presentation with data from your Excel or Text files to produce customized individual slides or complete presentations -- quickly and automatically.

Think of it as Mailmerge for PowerPoint. Open a "template" presentation that contains special "merge field" text, choose a data file to merge into it and PPTMerge does the rest, automatically creating a slide -- or a complete presentation -- customized with the data from each record in your data file.

View a Merge How-To video tutorial created by Webucator's customized instructor-led training services.

Or listen to what one user, the Communications Director at a non-profit, had to say:

I am going to build a small shrine to PPTMerge at my desk. That tool just saved me approximately 16 hours of work in a matter of seconds! You can quote me on that! Thank you for creating this tool.

Or this, from Gail Jenkins, President of Intetech Systems, Inc:

I only use the tool once a year, but I love it. The Junior High in our town does a Veterns Day program. They ask the kids to provide a list of all family that have served in any service to defend America. We compile the list and I project a slide for each Vet and the kids have cards they put on a wall, simulating something like the Vietnam wall in DC. It is really awesome. SO... thanks for helping make this possible and much easier for me...

How can I use PPTMerge?

Here are just a few of the ways you can use PPTMerge to save yourself hours of boring, repetitive work ...

Awards presentations

Suppose you have to create a presentation for an awards ceremony.

You already have a list of the names of 50 award winners, the awards they won, the name of an image file with their picture and several other bits of information.

And you already have a sample presentation designed.

You could laboriously retype or copy/paste the names and other information into PowerPoint and then import all the pictures one by one. And hope you'll get it done on time. With no mistakes. Before your fingers fall off from sheer exhaustion.

Or you could let PPTMerge do all the work for you. In only a few seconds, it can create a new presentation just like your template, add a new slide for each award winner, and replace your the placeholders in your template with "live" information taken from your Excel, Tab-delimited or Comma Separated Value (CSV) data file.

One PPTMerge customer used PPTMerge to do exactly this. He had time to create and test the template and data file format in advance, but on the night of the ceremony, he received the list of award winners only minutes before the presentation "went live" in front of an audience. PPTMerge created the presentation flawlessly. In seconds. Manually? It would have been impossible.

Customized presentations

PPTMerge can also convert a template presentation into a series of presentations, each with customized data.

Another PPTMerge user collects sales lead. He stores each prospect's information in a spreadsheet, then has PPTMerge create personalized versions of his standard PowerPoint presentation that he emails to each prospect.

PPTMerge reduces hours of boring, repetitive and error-prone work to a few mouse-clicks. In less time than it would take to personalize one presentation by hand, PPTMerge customizes dozens or even hundreds of them.

Other uses for PPTMerge

PPTMerge is a lifesaver whenever you have data that you need to turn into a series of slides or presentations.

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